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Is it worth it?

PostPosted: 05 Jul 2019 15:06
by The_Un1que
Hello sexiiiz!!

First of all, big hug and greetings to all my IDEAL veterans (or old-timers if you would like), hope there are some of them still alive... :roll:
and of course to all IDEAL sexy babies and noobies! (are there any boobies instead? :smug:)

So, there is almost 2 years I took a break from this best and worst game in same time. Yep, 2 years already.... :Oo: Don't think I haven't miss you all and miss the time we played together.
After 2 years, I've tried to play few battles and in one of them I've turned over while trying to cross over some stairs and the second one was I've dropped myself and died while trying to go down the hill (they changed some physics... :Oo: )
Anyway, I've had a patience...played 5 games before closing the game :smug:

My question for all of you: Is it worth it to come back? What actually changed in these 2 years the most? What about clans and active players? Did they managed to finally ban or remove bots and cheat mods?

With love,

Re: Is it worth it?

PostPosted: 05 Jul 2019 16:51
by TheDrownedApe
Hey mr sexiі. If you can avoid coming back then that's always the best option. BUT a lot of folk still stick around here without the need to play tanks.

in answer to your Qs:

lots changed in 2 years.
New wheeled tanks (french)
Soapstone physics
Jap Heavy tonks (but you've missed them being ebola, they just got nerfed)
Crew nonsense
New PMs with Obj 279e
TX nerfs - shitbarn was buffed then nerfed, E5 you might remember was buffed then nerfed, object 268v4 came out, was OP then nerfed
TX buffs - leo and STB buff in particular
New OP RU med 430U. new lights all over the place.
Arty T8-10 was nerfed but now have stun damage

Bots and cheats still exist :afdb: but as always, rarely see them.

New short campaign just started and 2nd oppurtunity to get Cheiftain (not that one though) T95/Fv4201. pretty good tank, hull down immense.

New modes such as:
Frontline - T8 credit fest for 10 months (1 week a month) for new T9 tank
Ranked - TX toxic AF mode over 10 months (1 week a month) for new T9 tank
Grand battles - 30x30 (I think) on bigger map, but no one plays them

As most top clans the activity is limited and if you want team based play it's hard to come by

I've probably missed loads but i have to be careful at my age how much grey matter i give to WoT nonsense

Re: Is it worth it?

PostPosted: 05 Jul 2019 17:25
by Dr_Badthur
I think wot is in a better place (enjoyment-wise) than it has been for quite some time, but this is a completely personal opinion. arty doesn't annoy me anymore (well, ofc it annoys me if they focus, but getting shot once every few mins just isn't annoying anymore), matchmaking is far better. since my biggest issue with wot (arta) has been at least partly fixed, I enjoy the game far more.
but balance-wise, the game is only getting worse lul. op premiums left and right (not much has changed), op reward tanks (which I have less of an issue with since it's generally going to be good players in them anyway), physics system is utter garbage and has lost me what would've been a 2k base exp game...

there's still shitloads wrong with the game, but again PERSONALLY, I really enjoy wot in its current state. this game will never be perfect, but no game is perfect... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

is it worth it? that's purely a personal opinion and nobody here can answer it but you. play the game, if you don't like it then stop playing again. ez

Re: Is it worth it?

PostPosted: 08 Jul 2019 11:07
by The_Un1que
Thanks guys! :SOA:

By reviewing all of these, it seems like a lot of "little" things changed in the meantime that actually changed a game a lot.
I will try to get back on it just recreative, and I hope that at least I'll get my aiming skills back asap. It's so silly how you can loose the mouse feeling and reflexes when you don't play something for a longer time. :Oo:
Hope to see you somewhere around! :SOA: