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WoT Clan Applications

Post your applications to IDEAL in World of Tanks here!
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WoT Clan Applications

Postby Kili74 » 18 Sep 2022 18:53

1. Links to your World of Tanks profile and Tomato.gg page:
https://www.tomato.gg/stats/EU/kili74=500652055 (please watch my stats after reading all of these please)

2. Which tanks have you been enjoying the most lately? Which tank class do you prefer to play?
Lately I started playing a lot with meta tanks like kpz 50 t, kran, concept 1b, s. conqueror, (114sp2) and I m enjoying them a lot, playing with some for 4000k average dmg, but tank class which I prefer to play a lot is medium and light tanks with good speed and good gun like char futur, leopard, senlac and others..

3. What are the gamemodes that you are interested the most in and that you would like to participate in with IDEAL?
I m interested in competitve team play and to have fun with others in clan, I would like to join and play a global map, maybe to earn some competitve tanks like VK, or obj907.

3.1 Do you already have competitive game mode experience (SH/Adv/CW) and if so, how much?
Well, there problems starts, I was never able to join any competitve clan because of one reason, everyone who sees my stats thinks i'm a bad player but nobody thinks about the fact that my account is over 11 years old, and when I started playing this game, I was 9 years old ( now I have 20), also I took a break from 2016 to 2018, and when I came back to WoT (it was december 2018), my account was on over 25 000 and had 47% WN, and tier 10 with 1500 average damage(like S Conq.), then I started taking this game very serious, I was watching twitch strimers, youtubers, and I just through the years became very good players. I fixed what I could win rate from 47% - 50,2% (recent WN 60,5%), WN8 also from lower than 700 to 1500 ( 3500k recent WN8 which is also low for me consider I needed to play british tier 9 arty for 279 e mision cuz I m close to get that tank), aslo I m 66. best player on EU by WTR ratings (september), and at the end I don t have any CW experience BECAUSE ANYONE DON T GIVE ME CHANCE TO HAVE IT.

4. Please list your previous clans and why you left them.
i have been in 5 or 6 clans since 2018, I got out of them because I felt like a better player than others in clan, I m now in clan MVPS, but they aren t chating or playing global map so I m searching for a new clan.

5. What is your motivation to join IDEAL? What do you expect from joining us?
My motivaton is just to be in one competitive WoT clan, to play with good players that understands the game and mechanichs.

6. Tell us something about yourself.
I already up there in a question 3.1 told many things about my account and that stuff so I'll just introduce myself
My name is Andrej(kili74 in game), I m 20 years old, and I really like to play WoT, I m communicative and ready to make new friends !
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Re: WoT Clan Applications

Postby McMokka » 23 Sep 2022 10:30

Hey there,

we decided to accept your application!

Please let us know when your cooldown for a claninvite is over.

Feel free to join our Discord, it is not mandatory, but most non-voice interaction is happening there.

Some information about the trial:
- There is a hidden community voting determining the outcome of the trial (main members are able to cast a vote).
- The trial phase will last up to 1 month and can be shorter if we see earlier that you fit (or don't fit).
- We are mostly looking at how well you fit into the community and expect interaction with the community.
- To give yourself the best chances of becoming a full member, be sure to play and interact with our members.
- Should you need to go AFK during your trial phase, please let us know about that beforehand by posting it here.

Make sure to relog on our forums after accepting the invite, so you get access to the internal section of our forum.
You will also receive an automated forum PM with some more information.

(If you have problems relogging, follow these steps.)

Our TS3-address is ts.idealclan.eu. When you are there, make sure to contact an Officer for member rights.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask, depending on the matter, either an Officer or regular member.

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Re: WoT Clan Applications

Postby Kili74 » 23 Sep 2022 11:26

i just want to thank you and everyone else who let me into the clan, I am happy to have a chance to be in such a place as this clan. I just left my previus clan, and my cooldown for claninvite will be over tommorow, (24 september) at 11:15, so then I can join the clan.
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